translated from Spanish: The Chilean recognized as one of the 13 most important enologists in the world

In the latest edition of the American magazine Wine Enthusiast, Michael Schachner made a selection of the most outstanding wine-goers worldwide and included Viviana Navarrete, who more than 13 years ago as chief winemaker of Viña Leyda.
The article titled «Women Who Make Our Wines» includes 12 other winemakers who have been pioneers, forging their careers with hard work and determination and leaving a real impact on the world of wine.
Navarrete talked about his beginnings in the world of wine: «I started in 2001, by that time new regions of fresh climates were being discovered, which could produce new styles of wines. Chilean vineyards began investing in high-quality plantations and new technologies.»
On the profile, the winemaker spoke of her mission to make «the best cold weather wine in the world» and while acknowledging that in Chile the world of wine has been more approached by the male gender has been pleasantly surprised by the development of women in the current context , performing in different industry disciplines ranging from commercial, through quality control, laboratories, to marketing and communications. «I have seen with joy that women have been gaining ground,» he said.
Viviana closes the interview with a tip for everyone who wants to enter the industry. «This business is about passion, culture, meeting new people, enjoying wine and never stopping learning, that’s one of the best things,» he said.
This recognition reaffirms the winemaker’s leadership in the industry and her pioneering spirit in cold coastal climate strains such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

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