translated from Spanish: The gift Natalie Perez received while dining at a bar in Palermo

Natalie Pérez is going through a present very focused on her work, both in her acting and musical career. In the last fiction we saw it was in Little Victoria, and through her Instagram we were able to know that on March 6th the first single from her new album comes out. As for his love life, he separated from Ramiro Gayoso, whom he met when they went to school together, having lived a six-year relationship. It was last year that she announced her breakup, and she did so on Susan’s show.

Natalie Perez and Ramiro Gayoso

«I don’t know the exact reason. One day I woke up, it was 8.30 in the morning and we were arguing. And I said to myself, ‘We can’t argue at this hour.’ And I left. When you fight at that time it doesn’t make sense… I had to go to work, I thought it was a lot. I left,» she told the diva in the guest room. On the other hand, sitting on the divan of Cortá by Lozano, she assured that many of the frictions they had were the product of living in a very small apartment: «I always enjoyed the coexistence, but I do feel that it would have been good to have a more atmosphere,» she said. Today he lives his solitude with total freedom. So on last night, while having dinner with a friend at one of The Hidden Group’s bars, she accepted a gift from a man who was also having dinner with friends on site. The man in question approached the table and gave him a box of chocolates, but nonetheless, he had both tables joined together so that he could spend a more pleasant evening. Will it be the beginning of a possible relationship?

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