translated from Spanish: A young man injured with a white gun in the Ejidal colony, Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- A young neighbor of the Ejidal colony was left with a stab woundafter after being assaulted apparently by a guy with a white gun, recorded in the early hours of Sunday at the crossroads of Millán and Leyson Pérez boulevards, in the Ejidal colony, of this City. The unfortunate was identified by the name of Carlos «N», of legal age, with address in this same town, who was left with the need for prompt medical attention.

According to the information provided by the Municipal Public Safety Directorate, at around 02:15 hours, a distress call was made to the emergency number in which an injured young person was reported, authorities were addressed to this departmental councils in the Red Cross to confirm what happened and provide appropriate support. Upon arriving at the scene, the affected person was assisted by the Red Cross and transferred in an ambulance to the emergency area of the Mexican Social Security Institute, as he had a 2-centimeter shear wound on the left side of the neck. At the time of interviewing the person concerned, he refused to report what had happened to the agents, taking care of what had happened to the competent authority.

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