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Apatzingán, Michoacán.- The driver of a vehicle of a pay-TV company was injured at the time his unit climbed into a camel and crashed into a tree, which happened in this town of Apatzingán, according to the information obtained by this medium.
The event was on Avenida Francisco I. Madero Oriente in the José María Morelos colony, a few meters from the Hotel Cast Inn. The car is one of the VeTV company, which was torn from the front. As a result of the mismple, the pilot fractured his ribs and was channeled by local paramedics to a private clinic in this area.
The identity of the injured person was not disclosed by law enforcement representatives, who guarded the perimeter to avoid another act of transit. The damaged car was towed by a crane and then taken to a corralon and was made available to the Road authorities, which will determine responsibilities.
It was also known that some people passing by were the ones who, when they saw the crash, immediately requested the help of the emergency services and the police to get the motorist to be taken care of. The guardians of the order urged the general public to take extreme precautions when dealing to avoid tragedies.

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