translated from Spanish: Michoacana deputy’s adviser is shot and dies in hospital

Uruapan-Charo, Michoacán.- Marco Antonio C. R., an adviser to local petista deputy Brenda Fraga died in a hospital in the municipality of Charo as a result of a gunshot wound in her humanity, which suffered an assault in the city of Uruapan, according to the information obtained by this wording, which was provided by contacts close to the matter.
It was known that the young man was shot outside his home on Itzi Street in la Tamacua colony, near the Ring of Circumvalación Avenue in Uruapan. Police sources claimed that the man was about to get in a cab when it all happened. The assailants fled and people requested the support of local paramedics and public safety personnel.
Lifeguards helped the affected person and at first transferred him to a private hospital in that city. As for the wheel worker who was going to carry Mark Antony C., he suffered a nervous breakdown and was reassured by rescuers.

However, due to C.’s delicate state of health, it was determined that it was channeled to the hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute that is in the demarcation of Charo and unfortunately hours later there died due to the severity of the gunshot injury that suffered, official voices affirmed. The case is investigated by the staff of the State Attorney General’s Office.

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