translated from Spanish: The Feminist Parode Debate

POLARITY AND FEMINISM. Historically, feminist struggles have been led by women with libertarian thinking and left-wing identity; the cause of women and the claim of their rights goes against conservatism. However, in Mexico, groups like the PAN and with a conservative identity are taking advantage of the dissuccess of the 4T government, on the issue of gender-based violence, and have joined as convening of the national unemployment of 9 March, originally called by women’s organizations and NGOs. The opportunism of some political actors in the PAN, the PRI, former President Felipe Calderón, among others, is a real thing, because at the time they did not do what they had to do to curb and eradicate violence against women. and calling for a «non-stop» in support of the AMLO government, the same day that feminists called for a stop, is a mistake that must be corrected. Because this is to move away from the struggle of women, it is to confront feminist organizations; it is the same as disqualifying their struggles and leaving the field to opportunism so that it continues to medew with a cause that, deep down, frightens them, but which are exploited by the misadventures and mistakes of the Government.Instead of continuing to polarize, disqualifying the cause and struggle of the women, the AMLO government should take the lead. And feminists in their cabinet and in the Union Congress should make them see the mistake of confronting feminist protests, because unemployment is an international initiative. First it was Icelandic women, then the Polish women, then the Argentine women, and so unemployment has spread around the world with the vindication of women’s rights and the demand for a halt to feminid violence. Conservatism is supposed to be on the right, and opposition to feminism is also assumed, so it is not understood that the 4T Government will abandon the defence of women’s rights, and that they are confronted and insulated in their struggle to curb and eradicate violence gender. In the Government of the 4T, despite being called contrary to conservatism, fear and closure prevailons on the issue of feminism and women’s rights; there is fear of women’s struggles, there is misunderstanding of their cause, and there is no strategy to curb and eradicate violence against women. And instead of correcting the stumbles, they’re deepening. Generating polarity on the issue of national unemployment on 9 March is a mistake, and calling for a accession to the Government, and a «non-stop», disqualifying the conveners, who were civil society organizations, only because they have joined connotated panistas and some political actors in the country, who are on the hunt for government mistakes, is yet yet to be corrected. Or not? Stumble. If the issue of escalating violence in the country is not addressed well, and there is no understanding of women’s struggles, critics of the AMLO project and the 4T can be increased, because they have not found ways to address security claims. And instead of attending to and correcting stumbles, mistakes continue to be made. Or not? What was least expected was that it was women who exhibited the contradictions and inadequacies in security. Be?

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