translated from Spanish: Trump accuses the «fiscal» of his impeachment of Russia leaks

U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday accused the «fiscal» chief in the impeachment against him, Democrat Adam Schiff, of being behind media leaks about the alleged i Russian elections in the November election.
«Nobody told me anything (…) They should investigate Adam Schiff for leaking that (intelligence) intelligence,» Trump told reporters before leaving for India, after being asked about media reports that the Kremlin might have tried to interfere with current ones Democratic primaries in favor of progressive senator Bernie Sanders.
On Friday, Sanders, who last night won in Nevada caucuses, according to partial results, was dotted, like Trump, by media leaks of hypothetical Russian interference in the electoral process.
The Washington Post and The New York Times, which cited intelligence sources, published that the Kremlin supports Trump’s re-election, and Sanders as a Democratic candidate, putting back on the table the spectre of Moscow’s interference as happened in The 2016 elections, when the now-president faced former Secretary of State, Democrat Hillary Clinton.
Last night, Trump already targeted Schiff, a frequent target of his tweeting rage, as he echoes in one of his messages from a reporter from a CBS reporter that he noted that on Friday «a legislator» of the Lower House Intelligence Committee, which is chaired by Schiff , had pressured congressmen to obtain evidence to show that Russia is trying to help the president.
«Another leak of Schiff the Taimado. Is there no law for this?» asked Trump in a tweet.
The representative also mentioned in another of his messages on that social network a word from a fox news reporter referring to reports that the Kremlin was backed by Sanders in his eagerness to become president in the Fox News election Next November, to which Trump commented, «Why did no one tell me that?»
Schiff was chief prosecutor and led the investigations in the impeachment of Trump over pressure on Ukraine to investigate another of his political rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic pre-candidate for the country’s presidency, albeit ultimately the president was acquittttded, thanks to a Republican majority in the Senate.

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