translated from Spanish: Alleged feminicof Marbella attended his wake

Relatives of Marbella, the 20-year-old student murdered in Tijuana, Baja California, confirmed that Juan «N», the suspected effocide arrested this weekend, dared to go to his victim’s wake. The young woman’s family expressed her pain and indignation in discovering that the man who would have taken Marbella’s life came to that level of indolence and cynism by going to the burial and giving them the «condolence».

«He was with us in the wake, he was in the burial, he was coming to see her, in the box (…) It’s a cynism, a disrespect, because if he really was, I can’t believe he’s been seeing the pain we were all going through (…) and still being there and giving us condolences,» Telemundo Joselyn, the victim’s cousin, told Telemundo Joselyn. The presence of the accused was even captured in images of the funeral rite of Marbella. There John «N» is seen wearing a white T-shirt with the inscription «No other woman» and a photo of the woman, next to the coffin, without showing any remorse on her face.

Wearing a T-shirt with the legend that demanded «not one more» the alleged Marbella killer showed up at his funeral, even came to give him the last goodbye with the coffin open, on his face showed no remorse. #Feminicidio #Tijuana — Omar Martinez (@omartinezTJ)
February 23, 2020

According to Zeta Tijuana, the man met Marbella when she was a gas station worker. Since then he began to harass her and harass her by going to the place to bring her gifts and even follow her. On February 5, Marbella was reported missing in the border town of Tijuana. Despite the tireless efforts of her family and friends to find her alive, her body was located on February 8 in a dump. John’s sick obsession would have culminated in the abduction, sexual abuse and murder of the woman. He has been noted as the prime suspect in Marbella’s femicide, so he was arrested this weekend. With information from Telemundo and Zeta Tijuana.

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