translated from Spanish: Efemerides 24 February 2020

1468.- Johann Gutemberg, German printer, inventor of the printing press, dies.
1500.- Charles I of Spain and V of Germany, emperor, was born.
1529.- German Alfonso Alfinger is appointed the first Governor of Venezuela.
1815.- Robert Fulton, American engineer, inventor of steam engine, dies.
1821.- The commander of the Spanish troops, Agustín de Iturbide, agrees with the insurgent leader Vicente Guerrero the «Plan of Iguala» for the independence of Mexico, which grants the crown to Ferdinand VII or some prince of the royal family.
1822.- The First Congress of Mexico is constituted.
1825.- The flag and shield of Peru are established by decree.
1827.- Admiral Guillermo Brown’s Argentine squadron defeats the Brazilian fleet near Buenos Aires.
1832.- Juan Clemente Zenea, Cuban poet and journalist, is born.
1849.- The Panamanian newspaper «La Estrella de Panamá» is founded.
1883.- The Chilean Government expels the delegate of the Holy See from the country.
1891.- The Constitution of the Republic of the United States of Brazil is promulgated.
1895.- The war of Cuban independence begins with the so-called Cry of Baire.
1934.- Bettino Craxi, Italian socialist politician, is born.
1935.- Paraguay announces its withdrawal from the League of Nations for disagreements with the proposals of this agency to end the Chaco war with Bolivia.
1943.- Pablo Milanés is born, Cuban singer-songwriter.
1946.- Colonel Juan Domingo Perón wins the presidential elections in Argentina.
1949.- Zionist leader Hayim Waissman is elected president of Israel.
1955.- Alain Prost, French motorist driver, is born.
1966.- General Joseph Ankrah leads a coup that takes power in Ghana.
1990.- Sandro Pertini, former president of Italy, dies.
.- Malcolm Forbes, billionaire American editor, dies.
1991.- Foiled attack on former Argentine President Raúl Alfonsín.
2004.- An earthquake causes more than 500 deaths in Morocco.
.- A judge orders the general inhibition of the assets of former Argentine President Carlos Menem.
2006.- American actor Dennis Weaver dies.
2009.- More than 800 bodies are found in several graves located in the Colombian town of La Macarena.

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