translated from Spanish: Joaquin Lavín and Francisco Vidal reacted to Kramer’s imitations

With a peak of harmony and the applause of the audience, Stefan Kramer showed up on the first night of the Festival of Viña with a routine based on the social outburst. The comedian included imitating a number of characters, including the mayor of Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín and former Minister Francisco Vidal. It was at the Morning Welcome that they both commented on the intervention. «I was watching it, the truth is I killed myself with laughter. According to my children, who wrote to me on WhatsApp, they would call me ‘Dad, imitate you the same’. I feel like Francisco Vidal did the same way. At least we laughed a lot. Besides, it’s an honor to be immunizing you by Kramer,» Lavín said. Asked in the same vein, Vidal assured that he was not following the routine at the time. «I was sleeping. Cache that was imitating Lavín. So, half-drowsy, cache that was imitating me but I wasn’t looking at it. But now I’ve just seen it and it actually mimics me well,» he replied. They also reflected on the context, stating that Kramer «said everything he wanted to say. He went through everyone from the President to Pikachu. He had a deep content and treated him very well. We’re talking about humor, you have to laugh,» Lavín concluded.

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