translated from Spanish: Marcela Vacarezza responded to users who criticized her for condemning incidents in Viña del Mar

Various incidents were generated in Viña del Mar, hours before the start of the Festival of Viña del Mar. Broken glass, burned cars and clashes with Carabineros marked the day only blocks from the event center. In the face of this, various personalities commented on what happened, including Marcela Vacarezza, a panelist who decided to question the episodes through his social networks. «What is happening in Viña is not «manifestation». It’s vandalism. Burn, destroy, end everything. That’s neither the voice, nor the desire, nor the demands of the people,» he wrote on his Twitter account. Faced with this, it received a number of responses, including criticism from some users. «The V region didn’t want a festival and said it !!! These are not times for the circus,» one person wrote. His intervention was answered by Rafael Araneda’s wife.» I have no doubt, but the festival employs a lot of people. Doesn’t that matter? The money is private sir,» he said. However, the placements followed on the part of another follower: «It’s hard to feel empathy when you were born privileged!!! If you knew life, you would also want and destroy everything,» one woman replied. In the face of this Vacarezza finished his words with notorious annoyance. «Please don’t give me this argument anymore because I’ve been told a billion times. Even if it’s «privileged» to me, it’s vandalism,» he said.

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