translated from Spanish: Piñera: «We need to live in peace and ensure public order to have a plebiscite that is democratic»

After the weekend, President Sebastián Piñera referred to the month of March and assured that the government «has prepared to safeguard public order and push for a March of agreements», the Representative returned from his vacation this day, and headed a cabinet council in order to fulfill half of its mandate.Read also: President Piñera says that «The Government has prepared to safeguard public order and promote a March of agreements» After the appointment, the Representative called to strengthen the Peace Agreement and argued that it is not enough to condemn the violence, but called to «condemn those who do not co- violence.» In addition, Piñera said that the dividing line is not between government and opposition, but «between those who believe in democracy and those who attack it.» The President also called for progress during March on the social agenda, marked by the discussion of fonasa reforms, the creation of guaranteed minimum income and pension reform. It also requested that Congress review public order initiatives, including the modernization and strengthening of Carabineros, the reform of the intelligence system, and the Critical Infrastructure Act, which allows FF.AAs. priority facilities. Piñera said that the law enforcement agenda includes measures to protect jobs, income and SMEs.» We need to live in peace and secure public order to have a plebiscite on April 26 that is democratic,» the President said. creating a constituent convention, such as seeking change in an institutional way, are democratic paths.» The government is going to guarantee the plebiscite,» said Piñera, who added that «the times of violence have caused harm to the country.»

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