translated from Spanish: CNDH proposed to Ackerman for committee of ine-based applicants, confirms document

Although there were initially contradictions between what Mario Delgado said and the National Commission on Human Rights, a document signed by the CNDH owner himself confirms that he proposed to the academic John Ackerman to be on the committee responsible for evaluating the aspiring advisors of the National Electoral Institute (INE), which is in the process of renewing four seats of his General Council.
The controversy over this case began when the chairman of the Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado, revealed that the CNDH had proposed Ackerman and also Carla Humphrey.
However, after Humphrey rejected the nomination, stating that she actually wants to contend to be an INE counselor, and when criticism began to appear for Ackerman’s partisan office at the Morena Political Training Institute, the CNDH indicated on Twitter that she had not yet made the appointments and that her proposal would be made public as soon as the notice was delivered to the Chamber of Deputies.

The CNDH reports that it has not made any appointments. As soon as the notification is delivered to the @Mx_Diputados, the two names of those who will be members of the Technical Committee for the Evaluation of the @INEMexico @C_Humphrey_J
— CNDH in Mexico (@CNDH) February 26, 2020

Minutes later, the document signed by the CNDH owner Rosario Piedra began circulating, confirming that he did propose Ackerman to Humphrey. And then Ackerman himself said he proudly accepted the nomination.

If we had doubts d difficulty with the truth from @CNDH here proof of how @RosarioPiedraIb sent notification of appointments of technical advisors to @INEMexico @mario_delgado but now says official account of @CNDH they sent nothing. We already know who’s lying: Sad
— Marco A Fernandez (@marco_fdezm) February 26, 2020

It is an honor and I accept the appointment by @RosarioPiedraIb @CNDH as part of the fully honorary Technical Committee, which will review the candidates for @INEMexico renewal.
I recently published an article on the subject in @LaJornada:
— John M. Ackerman (@JohnMAckerman) February 26, 2020

The Chamber of Deputies, according to the President of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, appointed Blanca Heredia, Silvia Giorguli and Diego Valadés to the Technical Committee.

We welcomed the agreement of the Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies, which proposed three very good profiles for the Technical Committee that will evaluate the aspiring General Council of the @INEMexico
Blanca Heredia
Silvia Giorguli
Diego Valadés
— Lorenzo Córdova V. (@lorenzocordovav) February 27, 2020

The INAI, meanwhile, chose academics Ana Laura Magaloni Kerpel and José Roldán Xopa.
Ackerman is a researcher at UNAM’s Institute of Legal Research.
At the Morena Institute of Political Training, as a counselor, he was appointed to «integrate Mexicans into the process of change in the United States and other countries».
His wife, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, is secretary of the Civil Service in the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
In previous days, the deputy of Morena, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, warned about «lambiscones» that want the INE to be subject to the government of López Obrador.
«I see in some sectors of Morena some somewhat obsessive tendency to appoint the directors; I heard it in several colleagues, this is a historical mistake and political nonsense because nothing suits the Fourth Transformation,» he said.

Today the Political Coordination Board in the @Mx_Diputados received the appointments of @C_Humphrey_J and @JohnMAckerman by the @CNDH to form the committee that will evaluate the @INEMexico’s next directors, which hours later denied.
— Citizen Deputies (@DipCiudadanoMX) February 27, 2020

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