translated from Spanish: Coneval and Sinaloa Government join anti-poverty efforts

Sinaloa.- State Government and the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy will seek to join efforts to combat poverty rates in Sinaloa, this through meetings that will be held Thursday and Friday with the Doctor, José Nabor Cruz, Executive Secretary of Coneval on his visit to the state capital. During his working tour the researcher will also hold on Thursday a meeting with representatives of the social cabinet, which will be attended by the Secretariat of Public Education and Culture, Sustainable Development, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Health, Agriculture and Livestock, Economics, DIF Sinaloa and Social Development.
Subsequently, a second meeting with representatives of the Legislative Branch and experts on the subject of Social Development will be held on Friday. The main objective of the two meetings will be to continue to work together to establish alternatives to implement actions to continue on the path of combating poverty rates in Sinaloa. Finally it should be noted that The Doctor. José Nabor Cruz, Executive Secretary of the Coneval currently belongs to the National System of Researchers and in 2014 joined as a research associate at the Institute of Economic Research; has a master’s degree and doctorate in economics from UNAM; and in 2012 he took first place in the annual Prize of Economic Research, teacher Jesús Silva Herzog.

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