translated from Spanish: Mayne-Nicholls: “We look forward to playing in Bolivia with a new technical staff”

The vice president of Black and White, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, on Wednesday referred to the attempts to open as soon as possible the successor of Mario Salas as coach of Colo Colo.In dialogue with the press at the Monumental, the former president of the A NFP stated within 24 hours of the departure of the ‘Commander’ that “Marcelo (Espina) has not stopped working. He has received a number of alternatives, not just him. We hope to resolve it as soon as possible to play in Bolivia for Copa Libertadores with a new technical staff.” Remember that the Paraguayan Gualberto Jara, head of the lower divisions of the ‘Cacique’, will take the first team on an interim and direct it for this Saturday’s crossing to Universidad de Concepción in Pedrero.Regarding the deadlines to have the new strategist of the popular cast, Hannibal Mosa’s right arm said that “we don’t want to impose ourselves for a while because on the other side there may be a person who is not available. The goal is for the Liberators.” Mayne-Nicholls clarified that Salas’ successor should be “someone with a lot of character, who plays the football that fans like being offensive but responsible and someone with international experience and in local leagues. It doesn’t change much to what we had, but we have to accompany it with sporting results.” As for the present of the first team, the Albo leader noted that “he already trained with Gualberto Jara and Hugo González. Ariel Palena was a PF, and they are already blended in to prepare the team for the match against Universidad de Concepción.”

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