translated from Spanish: 2020 Census: What left the meeting between Santiago Cafiero and Marco Lavagna?

Argentina has been conducting population censuses since 1869, and continuously every ten years in the last six decades.» The Argentine census of the 2020 round is conceived as the inaugural milestone for the development of statistical planning of the decade 2020-2030: the conjunction of censuses, surveys and administrative records that shape an integrated system of data sources sociodemographics,» the Indec explained in a statement late last year. In line with this, but prior to the change of government and authorities in the body, it was that the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) itself reported that «Wednesday, October 28, 2020 is the proposed day to develop the census». 

Marco Lavagna, direct from INDEC

For this reason, the Chief of Staff of the Nation, Santiago Cafiero, received the director of INDEC, Marco Lavagna, to «address the theme of the 2020 Census», although «there is not yet a closed date» for its realization. In this context, they stated that during the meeting «possible dates» on which the 2020 Census could be conducted and «what would be the methodology». They noted in turn that «the meetings will continue because there is still no closed date to conduct the Census,» and concluded, «We are looking at the schedule for then being able to make a determination, as the key is that a good Census can be made.» The last National Census was conducted on October 27, 2010, coinciding with the death of former President Nestor Kirchner. From the event emerged the most up-to-date and complete demographic, social and housing database of the Argentine population. At that time, the question about the recognition of the respondent as part of the Afro-descendant population was incorporated. For this edition, it is estimated that the possibility will be that the survey person will identify as male, female, trans male, trans woman and others. In this note:

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