translated from Spanish: AFA honored Alejandro Sabella on his return to the Ezeiza Siege

The AFA’s Futsal Coliseum in Ezeiza was dressed as a gala for a new international meeting and with the presence of Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol, for the presentation of a text that brings together basic concepts of work in inferiroes on the continent, entitled “Strategies of Youth Selections of Conmebol”. After it, and almost covertly, the delivery of a special tribute was carried out to Alejandro Sabella, guest of honor by the AFA, who returned to step on the ground from his departure at the end of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, with the remembered runner-up.

President Claudio Tapia accompanied Alejandro Sabella, former coach of the National Selection, on a tour of the facilities of the Ezeiza Venue Reunion with managers, employees and with the CT in charge of Lionel Scaloni, technical director of the Major Team. — Argentina national team (@Argentina)
February 27, 2020

The title that was given to him in the hands of Claudio Tapia and the aforementioned Dominguez has to do with the “Pro Honoric License for Coaches”. “I am very grateful and excited. Thankful for what I received and excited because I met so many friendly people, who we lived with, we competed, we learned a lot,” the coach said. Regarding his visit to the Campium of Ezeiza, Sabella emphasized that the place “is the goal of all boys and girls who kick a ball”, while also referring to the departure of the national team and, unknowingly, of his withdrawal from technical management after having suffered a throat cancer.
“At that time I was looking forward to getting some rest, for me it had been a huge responsibility, a great weight on my back and I needed to recover,” commented the “Profe”, which he also detailed. “I don’t plan on directing again, at least today I don’t think about it. Why? I don’t think I can give you the 100% you ask your players. Day-to-day life is too demanding so it seems to me that, if I’m okay, I should wait a little while longer to think again.” At the close of the ceremony in which he was very excited, the former coach of Estudiantes de La Plata recalled anecdotes with his colleagues Julio César Falcioni, Alfio Basile and Reinaldo “Mostaza” Merlo, all present, to relax the moment that was lived, before touring the facilities accompanied by Lionel Scaloni, Walter Samuel and the rest of the technical staff.

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