translated from Spanish: In 27F commemoration speech: Piñera insists on condemning the violentists and calls for “regaining the spirit of unity”

10 years after the earthquake of February 27, 2010, President Sebastián Piñera gave a speech on the Navy’s Pardo Pilot ship in Talcahuano, in which he took stock of what happened after the earthquake and took advantage of the again “condemning violence” and insisted on moving forward the social agenda to deal with the social crisis. He also called for “reclaiming the spirit of unity.”
According to information from Emol, regarding the 27F, the representative argued that “the earthquake and tsunami hit the body of our nation hard, but strengthened the soul of our people.”
Subsequently, Piñera linked the above with the social outburst triggered on October 18.
“What we have experienced in the last four months has also hit the body of our country hard, but we cannot allow it to weaken the soul of our people, the soul of our society,” he said.
In this sense, the head of state added that “we all know that we need more than ever unity today. Today we need today more than ever to condemn without any doubt and no ambiguity violence and the violent, in order to restore public order, citizen security and the rule of law, because violence only destroys the soul of our country.”
Piñera stressed that “we also need unity to advance agendas as important as the social agenda.”
“We must bring out the best in ourselves and not let a handful of violent is that respecting anything or anyone, who is not governed by the rules of democracy, end up imposing their terms,” he added.
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