translated from Spanish: Marcelo Gallardo in conference: Scocco, response to Tévez and tribute to Crespo

The Supuerliga entered the final stretch and this weekend you can define a champion, as long as Boca does not get a victory against Colon and River if he gets it before Defense and Justice, or also if the “Xeneize” loses and the “Millionaire” can get a point from the “Hawk”. However, the one who tried to put pressure despite the disadvantage was Carlos Tevez, who assured that the pointer “has to peel his ass” to be champion. From that, the center is put in what happens with the club of Núñez, which is the only one that depends on itself to be champion and in next Saturday’s match at the Monumental, knows that he cannot count on Rafael Santos Borré, who reached the five yellow cards. While not all defined, Gallardo spoke in conference and left several clear points.

“The team confirmed it tomorrow, but it’s a complete chance for Scocco to play for Borré. Lucas Pratto is fine and will be on the call-up list as usual,” the coach said of the match, and also of River’s chance to re-build a local league after six years.” I’m trying not to be invaded from the outside, I’m not seeing everything that’s being said,” he said, and pointed out to all the criticisms around the changes that Defense plans from his participation in Copa Libertadores. “There are supporter journalists who play for clubs and generate these controversies. I wouldn’t be invaded at all, if I’d gotten carried away by everything that’s said out in these 6 years, I’d have turned a lot of mistakes. That’s not healthy.”

“We’re pretty good at football. Beyond the points we add up, in terms of form we are convinced that we are doing well. In the definition of the tournament, there is also always the mental”Marcelo Gallardo — River Plate (@RiverPlate)
February 27, 2020

In the same vein, he answered about the sayings of Carlos Tevez, who sought to put pressure on River for the good walk of Boca, who also did not lose points. “The last 6 years speak for themselves. I don’t have an answer, the last 6 years talk about what we are as a team and it was proven,” he said. Finally, returning to the crossroads with Defense and Justice, Gallardo spoke of the tribute that will be made to Hernán Crespo in the previous one and emphasized the importance of it. “It’s a nice chance to recognize him and he gave this club very important goals. That’s what everyone stands out for, it’s very good and it deserves it. People must recognize it and honor it,” he closed.

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