translated from Spanish: Sergio Báez Torres presents initiative to prevent violence in Michoacan schools

Morelia, Michoacán.- In order to ensure the well-being of Michoacan children and adolescents, the local deputy, Sergio Báez Torres presented a law initiative that obliges educational authorities, teaching staff, support as associations of parents and pupils, to address all potential causes of antisocial behaviors as well as violence, through the permanent establishment of measures, actions and mechanisms to establish order within schools.
The deputy emanating from the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party, proposed before the plenary of the LXXIV Legislature, to develop awareness programs in educational institutions; monitoring of access points; education and value teaching; awareness-raising and empathy; training of staff in general in first aid and risk situations; preparation for unexpected events; as well as mock emergency events.
This was exposed by the moreappeal lawmaker, after recalling the tragic event recorded in early February, when at a school in Torreón, 11-year-old student fired a firearm against his classmates, causing the death of a teacher to subsequently commit suicide.
The representative of District XXI with head ship in Coalcomán, mentioned that of the million 613 thousand 858 children living in Michoacán, 43 percent have suffered some form of violence – according to INEGI data – in addition to 75 percent of firearms worldwide , are in the hands of civilians, weapons that infants can access, putting at risk everyone in their environment and themselves.
In addition, he highlighted family and social disintegration, which affects children and adolescents.
«Out of every 100 marriages, 31.2 are undone through divorce in the first year; Also in one in three Mexican households the phenomenon of family violence is experienced, in accordance with information provided by the National Commission on Human Rights; which culminates in the fact that children and young people live in a harmful and non-enabling family environment and full personal development.»
For the above, Báez Torres proposed to add Articles 6tob and 6th to the Law on Education for the State of Michoacán.
The initiative of the deputy of Morena, was recognized and supported through the subscription by the congressmen Teresa López Hernández, Zenaida Salvador Brígido, Yarabí Avila Gónzalez, Hugo Anaya Avila, Salvador Arvizu Cisneros, Wilma Zavala Ramírez, Sandra Luz Valencia and Fermñin Bernabé Bahena.

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