translated from Spanish: Subject was convicted of his friend’s murder at Punta Arenas

After three days of oral trial, this Thursday Luis José Villarroel Iturra, was convicted of the crimes of murder and mistreatment of work to Carabineros in Punta Arenas.During the hearing, the Chief Prosecutor of Punta Arenas, Fernando Dobson Soto, credited that the doomed acts were perpetrated on April 20 thylast year, around noon, after Villarroel Iturra argued with the victim Sergio Gallardo, starting a quarrel between the two inside the house of the Cumin brothers.» Villarroel took a 33-centimeter butcher knife, from the kitchen, and Gallardo a bottle, elements with which they assaulted each other until they reached the public road where Villarroel causes him a sharp and penetrating abdominal wound complicated and hits Gallardo, causing him various contulash facial injuries, on the trunk and limbs, as well as cuts to both hands, retreating from the scene and throwing the knife under the wheel of a vehicle parked on the same block, while the victim entered the where he dies from injuries,» he explained. Then, around 4:45 p.m., Carabineros staff, visualize, on pre-emptive patrol on Condell Street, the accused, performing a preventive check, verifying that he kept a pending arrest warrant issued from the Guarantee Court of Punta Arenas for the crime of simple theft, after which and in order to flee, Villarroel assaults a sergeant by attacking him standing in his left thigh, fleeing through a ditch where he was later arrested. The communication of the judgment will take effect on 3 March, at 13:00 hours.

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