translated from Spanish: UMSNH students and graduates call on rector to harass workers and teachers

Celic Mendoza
After the conditional of the payment of aguinaldo and salaries in December in exchange for a retirement reform, which the workers of the Michoacana University did not accept and therefore did not receive their payroll is December and which has also led to the payment of wages in the middle of this year and even dismissals for protesting, students and graduates of the Faculty of History, as well as other faculties and high schools, addressed the rector Raúl Cárdenas Navarro who demanded a halt to acts of abuse of power.

In particular, they emphasize a missive, for the unjustified dismissal of 16 workers of the Michoacana University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo, «all this, under false accusations.
You fired 16 workers without checking that if you were at the protest to take premises of the Rectory building on January 13 of this year, which, according to you, warrants contract termination for whoever is.»
They point out that it is clear the authority’s purpose to intimidate workers, professors and students who disagree with their actions, their proposals and the conduct of the university, even at the expense of innocentpeople.
«These acts, which we strongly condemn, add to their history of harassment and abuse, which it then aims to make as exemplary measures before society. But it will fail.»
The message makes it clear that students and graduates know that the best way to avoid protest—of whatever nature—is by dialogue. «But you don’t listen to workers or teachers.» This was recently demonstrated, by requiring SUEUM, to clarify the points to be discussed at the meeting they have requested for months and in the strike by teachers.
So they question the rector Raúl Cárdenas Navarro: Have you ever run out of salary, benefits and aguinaldos, for three months? Have you ever been fired for no greater reason than to impose fear, even after you’ve dedicated decades of work to an institution?
They therefore refer that the labour rights of teachers and nicolaite workers, such as their right to wages, statutory benefits, aguinaldos and other honestly earned benefits, are not a spoil with which to condition the opinion of their owner: they are the guarantor of the welfare of the worker or academic, which in turn are the livelihood of thousands of families.
The message also mentions the National Parofer on 9 March to which the UMSNH announced its support. The warning highlights the legend: «It is not a day of desperating, it is a protest […]» Some protests yes and some do not? Be congruent, students point to the rector.
They therefore require workers to be reinstated in their jobs and to offer a public apology. Pay the deeds to the workers. «Unfortunately, there is no need to demand that we do not accept further threats of dismissal or withholding pay from any worker or teacher,» they conclude.

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