translated from Spanish: What is the sirtfood diet; Adele’s diet

Mexico.- The ‘sirtfood’ diet has become fashionable as it is followed by celebrities and promises to lose up to three kilos in a week. The ‘sirtfood’ diet is with which British singer Adele managed to lose more than 70 kilos. This diet can be considered within miracle diets, as it promises to lose up to three kilos per week and without neglecting foods such as chocolates or wine. 

The pilates trainer and instructor, Camila Goodis, said Adele’s weight loss had more to do with her diet than with the hours spent in the gym. He explained that the sirtfood diet is based on the proteins that are associated with aging, sirtuins, if foods that stimulate and potentiate these proteins are consumed it accelerates metabolism and fat burning, according to Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, promoters of this diet. 
This diet allows foods such as apples, citrus, green tea, kale, dark chocolate, red wine, turkey, chicken, blueberries and shrimp. One of the drawbacks of this diet is that the first week is only allowed intake of only a thousand kilocalories daily, in the second they are allowed a little more but only consuming the previous foods. 

The problem with diet is that allowed foods are not enough to eat a balanced diet. Adele, according to her close staff, in addition to this diet worked with a personal trainer three times a week in which she performed 60 minutes of exercise with cardio included, circuit training and pilates. It is therefore indicated that this diet should be carried out with the help of a trained staff and rely on exercise. This diet is done for three weeks. You should be aware that caloric restriction can affect the functioning of the body and cause discomfort. This diet should be done with a prior doctor’s appointment. If you need to lose weight, you should follow a balanced diet as calorie-based diets usually bounce back when you return to normal eating. 

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