translated from Spanish: I’m not the one you think and a story about migration comes to the billboard

After several weeks with the cinemas debuting one blockbuster after another, the billboard offers six lower profile releases, perfect for counterprogramming. Here are what movies are coming to theaters this week:
I’m Leaving
Now, 2020)
Address: Lindsey
Lamb & Armando Croda
Synopsis: After
17 years of living in Brooklyn working three shifts, collecting
bottles on the street and sending Mexico the bulk of their profits,
Philip, an undocumented immigrant, dreams of meeting with his wife
and children. When he calls to announce that he has decided to return,
discovers that they are in debt and need you to stay in the united states
United working to get them through. Heartbroken Philip
is at a crossroads. Mixing elements of cinema
documentary with fiction, I’m leaving is a lyrical meditation
unfolding as Philip walks the streets of Brooklyn,
reflecting on the fate of their lives, family and home,
loneliness and love.

My Last Friend (My Last)
Friend, 2015)
Address: Hector Babenco
They star: Williem
Dafoe, Maria Fernanda Candido, Selton Mello, Barbara Paz
Synopsis: Diego
(Williem Dafoe) a great film director decides to make one last
film when he discovers he has terminal cancer. To achieve this you have
to undergo aggressive treatment. In the process, he meets a
child with the same condition, both will fight and share forces
to get ahead. (Based on real facts).

The defendant and the spy
(J’Accuse, 2019)
Address: Roman Polanski
They star in: Jean
Dujardin, Louis Garrel, Emmanuelle Seigner
Synopsis: The Movie
focuses on the famous 19th-century Dreyfus case when the official
French Georges Picquart after being appointed chief intelligence officer of the
army, discovers that false evidence was used to convict Alfred
Dreyfus, one of the few Jewish members of the French army,
allegedly pass military secrets to the German Empire. Picquart
risks his career and his life, fighting for a decade to
expose the truth and release Dreyfus wrongfully condemned and
imprisoned in the terrible prison of Devil’s Island.

I’m not the one you think I want (Celle
than Vous Croyez, 2019)
Address: Safy Nebbou
Juliette Binoche, Nicole Garcia, Francois Civil
Synopsis: Claire, a
50-year-old divorced teacher, creates a fake profile on Facebook,
posing as a 24-year-old girl. He decides to create a whole
fictional character under the name Clara, with the idea of spying on her
lover Ludo. That’s how he gets to Alex, one of Ludo’s friends,
who after talking to Clara becomes obsessed with the idea of
meet her, and Claire, falls hopelessly in love with a much young man
less than her. Although their entire conversation is virtual,
feelings that arise between them go beyond the digital…
resulting in a story where lies get tangled up with the

Rebellion of the Godinez (2020)
Address: Carlos Morett
They star in: Gustavo
Egeelhaf, Ana Carreiro, Barbara del Regil.
Synopsis: Omar is a
young man who works as a botarga in Frikiplaza in the City of
Mexico. After an incident, he is forced to seek a formal job
to financially support his grandfather and enters Relotech, where he does not
it’s just good at his job, he also has a good relationship with the
the owner, the chief of operations’ assistant and her colleagues. When
everything seems to be going well, an unexpected twist will force you to test
their virtues to save their friends and the company itself.

The Invisible Man (The
Invisible Man, 2020)
Address: Leigh Whannell
Elisabeth Moss, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge
Synopsis: Cecilia
remakes her life after receiving the news that her ex-boyfriend, a
heavy-headed mistreater, has passed away. However, his sanity
begins to wobble when it begins to be certain that in
reality is still alive.

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Original source in Spanish

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