translated from Spanish: Warns Health Secretariat «mouth covers do not protect from coronavirus»

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CDMX.- The Undersecretary of Health Prevention and Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, clarified that the use of mouth covers is not necessary for people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus or any suspicious illness.
«We use mouth covers in a specific health care environment. They are used in a controlled manner and must be of a certain type for it to be considered efficient,» he said.
According to López-Gatell, the mouth cover is aimed at people who have respiratory symptoms, and claimed that the simple cloth mask does not protect against respiratory infections including Covid-19. However, it may be helpful to make those who are sick less likely to spread to others. «If someone has the flu or cold and has mouthpieces, put it on,» he said.
The Ministry of Health has issued a number of recommendations for the use of mouth coverings, such as changing it when it is wet, whether it was placed on the head, neck or previously removed, if in contact with a sick person or if it is broken or worn.
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