translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez promised legal abortion, ESI and relaunch line 144

There was anticipation for the speech of Alberto Fernández at the opening of the legislative sessions and one of his main points was abortion. Since before assuming, he had already made his position clear and will eventually translate it into a bill that seeks to legalize voluntary termination of pregnancy. Near the end of his speech, the president announced, «In the next ten days I will introduce a voluntary pregnancy termination bill that legalizes abortion,» and the precinct erupted in applause.

«In the 21st century every society needs to respect the individual decision of its members to dispose freely of their bodies»

In addition to the ILE, Fernández announced that «we will simultaneously launch a strong program of Integral Sexual Education and Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancy». It will also implement a «1000-day plan to ensure comprehensive life and health care for pregnant women and their children in the first years of life.» On the other hand, it ratified the need for the Micaela Act and ensured that gender training, including its own, will continue. The head of state also mentioned Line 144, which promised to «relaunch», and a bill «to ratify the Convention against Violence and Harassment in the Field of Work». The ads are done. Now we have to implement them. In this note:

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