translated from Spanish: He thanks God when he reaches every town

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Known as a hard-working and responsible driver is Mr. Julián Vega, who with a lot of excitement, responsibility and talent gets up every morning, day by day, from 4:00 hours is more than prepared to start his important work as a public service driver, starting by taking high school students to the community of Brisas-Zapata, and then returning to the community of Cruz Blanca and starting with his route on the different communities that are in Salvador Alvarado, as are Lucio Blanco, Swallows, Lagunitas, Penjamo and La Escalera, to reach his destination which is Guamúchil, where the race of these communities rises early to enlist and wait for the pass of the truck.25 beautiful years as a foreign truck driver has been working Julián Vega, who has managed to overcome highs and lows.

My job is not difficult, this is of a lot of responsibility and talent more than anything.»

Place where the truck is parked. / Photograph: Daniel Ayala EL DEBATE

The need to support and move his family forward so that they do not lack anything, was the main thing that motivated Mr. Julián Vega to start working as a chauffeur. Very difficult sometimes becomes the passage of the route, since 20 days of the month are lousy, being unpredictable days, and 10 become good; Saturdays is when more passage has, as the race that day usually buys the errand or things they need. A red truck drives this great gentleman, who proudly works as a chauffeur. «My custom is to thank God every time I come to every people, and when I arrive at my house I give doubly thank God.»

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