translated from Spanish: Mexican dubbing of mourning over the death of Luis Alfonso Mendoza

CDMX.- The world of dubbing is farewell to a great, Luis Alfonso Mendoza was allegedly killed in a shooting on Saturday afternoon in mayor Benito Juárez, Mexico City.On social media some of the most recognized dubbing actors from Mexico and Latin America, confirmed the death of his colleague.
Marios Castañeda, Lalo Garza, Yamil Atala, among others, posted messages of support for the victim’s family.

Friends, unfortunately it’s true. It is horrible to give this kind of information and I am the least suitable person to do it, but indeed today passed my dear Luis Alfonso Mendoza, great voice actor. We’re out of our way. Dep. — Lalo Garza (@LaloGarx)
March 1, 2020

Luis Alfonso Mendoza, was a well-known voice actor who lent his voice for hundreds of projects, among the most outstanding is «Dragon Ball», where he gave life for many years to Gohan, we also frequently heard him playing a limp very adored by the public, Bugs Bunny. Another of his most notable works was when he gave Will Smith a unique touch in «The Prince of Rap».

Among his latest most recognized works is «The Big Bang Theory» where he worked for Sheldon’s dubbing.

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