translated from Spanish: Mother disciplines her child with lizards in the bathroom VIDEO

Texas.- A mother shared a photo on Facebook of something she witnessed in the bathroom at a local Hobby Lobby: a mother who makes her child behave by forcing him to do push-ups. Molly Wooden watched the situation unfold after taking her own children to the bathroom, the New York Post reports. According to her, she was amazed at what she was seeing. She shared the photo on her Facebook page, where she wrote: «To the woman in the bathroom of the Hobby Lobby. If my hands weren’t full of kids, I’d have applauded you.»
As his son gave him the last word of the century, he kept calm and calm as he added 10 more push-ups to his already growing number.

His post continued: «We need more parents like you, who aren’t afraid to raise their own children so someone else can think.» 
She said ‘maybe you shouldn’t have been acting nasty. (They have soap for some reason). She closed her post saying she loved the «random woman of Hobby Lobby» and encouraged her to «keep having a good time with the kids.» While the two moms didn’t talk to each other in the bathroom, they eventually connected on Facebook. Nicki Harper Quinn found out about the photo when one of her friends found it and showed it to her.» I was surprised it went viral,» Quinn told the New York Post. «I knew we were on to something and that this was bigger than me.
It opened a conversation and a debate that’s making everyone think outside the box when it comes to discipline.

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