translated from Spanish: PC calls to defeat «terror campaign» of the right against the Plebiscite

The Communist Party (PC) held the «Day for a New Constitution, for a Worthy Chile», where with forums and conversations, militants, adherents and friends reflected on the process of change that Chile lives.The political event featured the pr essence of the progressive parties, the Social Green Regionalist Federation, the Equality Party, the Humanist Party, the Libertarian Left and the Mapuche Walmapuwen political movement, collectives that together form the command «Apruebo Chile Digno». Together, representatives of diplomats from China, Vietnam, France and Syria were received.Communist Party president and deputy Guillermo Teillier, kicked off the day with an analysis of the political and social situation of the country where he highlighted the main guidelines for the March, ahead of the April 26 plebiscite. In principle, the PC helmsman stated that the current crisis is «one of the deepest and most protracted» in Chile’s history, «because of discontent over extreme inequality and its aftermath of social injustice, in the face of an aachrtive institutionality, which does not give responses to their demands, and a government that responds with the use of force and human rights violations, to defend the privileges of the few.» At the same time he specified the transcendental of the constituent process, which began with the formation of the command «Apruebo Chile Digno».» We have accepted the challenge of participating with all our mobilizing capacity, made up of parties that did not sign the Agreement and by numerous social representations (…) That is why we are going to play in the house to house, the door to door, in rallies, assemblies, exits to the fairs, to the whereabouts, to the meters, in all the communes of Chile, won wills and explaining the meaning and the need to participate» Added. As for the role that the government will play, the communist helmsman stated that «the government of Piñera prepares the conditions to face a new wave of demands that would be greatly strengthened by a blunt triumph of the Apruebo», where its tactic will be that of » demobilize» and put «violence as a problem,» and «not respond to social demands,» he argued. At the same time Teillier greeted those who have carried out this social uprising: «We express our special greeting to our combative people, the great protagonist, the only one who with unity and struggle can conquer the Worthy Chile they deserve». Finally, the president of the collective highlighted the special activities and commemorations that are coming for the month of March, where this constituent day is an incentive to continue with activities for the 15 years of the death of fellow Gladys Marín on the 6th of this month; the great March 8 march on Women’s Day and the women’s unemployment on the 9th, along with a series of mobilizations and day-to-day work for the triumph of the apruebo and the constitutional convention, argued Teillier.

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