translated from Spanish: Surprise Jennifer Lopez with natural look from the studio

The singer known as The Bronx Diva, Jennifer Lopez, captivated her followers by sharing an image of her working from the studio with a very simple look that showed her natural beauty away from all the glitters, jewelry and makeup. Jennifer, 50, this time set aside her most elegant side with which she is accustomed to seeing her anywhere to show the most vulnerable side of a woman, while working from the studio on new music for her fans.

These images have given much to talk about and have been much talked about among their followers because it is shown as never before, without the elegance of their outfits, their extensions, their dazzling makeup and tight garments that pronounce their figure worthy of a whole young woman. In the image JLO is seen rehearsing and preparing his new piano tracks while using a dark sleeveless T-shirt and camouflage leggings, as well as his natural haircut, without arrangements or extensions. The acceptance of the fans has been incredible, because they have flattered their beauty to the natural, as well as the excitement that the singer releases new songs or her new recording material since after her unsurpassed performance at half-time the Super Bowl has become more of a eguidores and have trusted their talent more than ever.

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