translated from Spanish: There is no need to suspend classes or events by coronavirus: Health

With only four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico and eight more being analysed – in Guanajuato (2), Veracruz (1), Coahuila (1), Jalisco (1), CDMX (1), Sinaloa (1) and Aguascalientes (1) – no action is required in the country such as cancelling public events and less suspending classes in schools, the undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell, explained at a press conference.
The official endorsed that the risk to the population in Mexico is low, “this can change at any time because it is dynamic, but for now it is still classified as low. The situation of COVID-19 in the country does not meet the characteristics to be considered an emergency.”

Only in what is considered scenario 2 of such epidemics, when contagions are already community, beyond the family, and count by hundreds is that the suspension of public events in both closed and open spaces (theatres, stadiums, parks, beach), as well as the application of health filter in schools and jobs would be considered. 
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Suspension of classes and laborwoulds would only apply in scenario 3, the epidemic, with thousands of cases nationwide, although only activities in schools and work centres with active outbreaks would be canceled. 
For now, in scenario 1, with imported cases that do not reach the hundreds and remain under control, the only security measures that are requested from the population are three: 
Soap and water break the cycle of transmission of the virus, which survives up to three hours in the hands and up to 48 hours on smooth surfaces.
 Label sneeze 
Cover your mouth either with a disposable handkerchief and throw it away or use the inner angle of your arm to cover yourself, but never do this with your hands. 
Stay home if you have a respiratory infection.
This will avoid spreading to others and will make recovery faster. 
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As for the use of the mouth cover, it is only indicated for people with symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath; as well as for health workers and caregivers of patients with respiratory infection. For the rest of the people its use is unnecessary. 
If you have symptoms such as fever, general discomfort, cough, headache, the undersecretary of health pointed out, the first consideration to be made is that if you have not recently traveled to countries such as China, Italy, Korea or Iran, it is most likely that you do not have a COVID-19 infection. 
But in the event of any doubt you can call the line that the health authorities have made available to the population: 800-0044-800, in which they will respond, 24 hours a day, specialist doctors fully trained to resolve and channel any concerns. 
If you have symptoms and a return for travel to any of the countries mentioned above, you must go to the appropriate health unit, according to whether you are a rightful member of the ISSSTE or the IMSS or a health institution. You can also call the hotline first, where they will also advise on where to go. 
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It is important not to go to the clinic without actually having a risky situation, so as not to overwhelm health services unnecessarily, López Gatell asked.
The Under-Secretary for Health Prevention and Promotion again noted that the death rate (the death rate to which cause) is low, between 2 and 3% of all confirmed cases, and this only occurs in people over 65 years of age, in children under 5 years of age or in people who are already committed to their health for a condition such as cancer, heart disease or people with lung disease.
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