translated from Spanish: Eduardo Coudet: “We are in the group stage and the margin of error is greater”

The coach of Inter de Porto Alegre, Eduardo Coudet, referred to how he sees his team in the anteroom to the premiere of the ‘colorado’ box in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2020, where he will face on Tuesday the Catholic University.The whole Brazil had to face the qualifying stage of the competition, where in phase 2 he left in the path to University of Chile and in phase 3 to Tolima.Consulted for the good performance in the qualifier of the maximum continental club tournament, the strategist of Argentine origin declared that “we have to stand out in the international competitions, as happened in the four matches that we have had to play. We are the only Brazilian team that has entered the standings. It means that international crashes are not easy.” We set up a round to pass it, and now we’re in the group stage and the margin of error is bigger, we can have a bad night and recover to the next game,” he added. In addition, the former Racing manager from Avellaneda emphasized the offensive play of his squad. “The team plays well, it has the ball. There’s an idea, we’re more offensive than rivals, we have more possession, we generate more. We’re going to grow, but you can’t change a team in a month or two. You have to work, the team is going to grow, it’s going to look better,” he said. Inter de Porto Alegre and Universidad Católica will be measured tomorrow from 19:15 hours in Chile at the Beira Rio Stadium.


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