translated from Spanish: How long do the opening speeches of legislative sessions last?

Throughout the country’s recent democratic history, the first opening speeches of the regular legislative sessions of each presidential term, as will be the case of Alberto Fernández, last an average of one hour. The first speeches of each management are usually the shortest since the representatives only take 90 days in office and, before the presentation of a report based on a review of the measures taken so far, focus on the projections of the next four Years. According to the report prepared by CIPPEC, if you take the series of all the speeches analyzed from the second term of Carlos Menem to the last term of Mauricio Macri, it is an average duration of one and a half hours. The speeches of the presidency of Carlos Menem, lasted less than the hour. Fernando De la Rúa, meanwhile, reached an average of 75 minutes. Eduardo Duhalde presented to Congress an average time of 40 minutes. The efforts of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández reflected a clear increase in the duration of the reports: both during the presidency of Nestor and in the first term of Cristina, it reached the average two hours. While the period 2011-2015 had a higher average, with 202 minutes. Eventually, Mauricio Macri again lowered his average management by reaching 55 minutes between his four reports. THE DISCOURSES YEAR PER YEAR:

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