translated from Spanish: Regulatory change in football: there would only be two relegations and one promotion

At a date from the end of the Super League and close to the start of the Super League Cup, clubs are on their way to vote on a new regulatory change in terms of relegations, which before the start of the same tournament, dropped from four to three. The following indicate that at the next assembly they will vote on a further change in the rules of procedure that will amend these three decreases and make them two decreases by averages and the other defined in a promotion between the 22nd in the table below and the loser of the reduced The First National. 

In this way, next season’s tournament – which will also not be under the Super League, which would be dissolved and the league would again depend on AFA – would be played with 24 teams in two short tournaments of 23 matches with two relegations, in principle with no averages. The next edition could be under the title of Professional League, which as it was said would return under the orbit of the AFA and the president would be the representative of a club and not a CEO, like Mariano Elizondo.

“Chiqui” Tapia and Mariano Elizondo. The second would be left out of office as they would dissolve the Super League.

It was stipulated that for the next tournament there will be 23 teams as the First National were to advance the winner of a final between the two zone champions and the winner of the reduced. This problem occurred when they decided to lower the descents from four to three and would be “fixed” with this new modification.

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