translated from Spanish: They detain a person carrying cocaine hidden in a tire

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- As part of the actions to inhibit the commission of crimes on federal roads, members of the National Guard, highlighted in the state of Sinaloa, arrested a person carrying two kilos 154 grams of apparent cocaine, hidden in the refaction rim. When patrolling at the height of kilometer 011+300 of the road (15) Mazatlan-Culiacán, stretch of the Venadillo-entronque southern release, national guards had contact with the driver of a vehicle that was driving without a seat belt, which infringes the Transit Regulations on Roads and Bridges of Federal Jurisdiction. In requesting the documents to carry out the corresponding infringement, the driver adopted a nervous and evasive attitude and untimely took the escape. After a chase that culminated in miles later in a breach, the members of the institution gave him scope.


In a physical review of the unit they noticed that the weight of the refaction rim was unusual and they felt packages inside; when they opened it they found two wrappers with a substance with the physical characteristics of cocaine. Therefore, the person was read the Rights Card that assists persons in detention, and the National Registry of Detention was filled with their data, and subsequently along with the apparent drug was made available to the Agent of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, who will conduct subsequent inquiries.

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