translated from Spanish: Amparo Guerrero, partying THE DEBATE

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- With a beautiful smile was as Amparo Guerrero Ríos started the festivities of his 54th anniversary of life.And what better way to do it than with his group of friends, which is composed of María Teresa Zepeda Mendoza, Beatriz Félix de Cano , Marisela Ruiz Castillo, María Luisa Berrelleza Acosta, Alicia Aispuro Coronel and María Luisa Acosta Sánchez.Responsible for the lady to have the best time since her arrival at the meeting place, where she was met with Las mañanitas al son del mariachi. Act of affection that filled with joy the face of Amparo, congratulations! 

Amparo Guerrero Rios.

María Teresa Zepeda Mendoza, Amparo Guerrero Ríos and Beatriz Félix de Cano.

Marisela Ruiz Castillo, Amparo Guerrero Ríos and María Luisa Berrelleza Acosta.

Alicia Aispuro Coronel, Amparo Guerrero Ríos and María Luisa Acosta Sánchez.

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