translated from Spanish: Blumel reported 238 arrested and said “last night is not social manifestation”

The Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, in conversation with radio Agricultura, gave a balance of the day on Monday and the early morning of Tuesday, in which there were riots in different areas of the country.
The authority said there were a total of 238 detainees and called the events “simply violence. Last night is not a social demonstration.”
He also accounted for 76 wounded carabinieri and attacks on police barracks and raids. “Carabineros is going to act and take over under the law, according to his rules for controlling that violence,” he said.
Regarding an eventual constitutional accusation against him, prepared by Parliamentarians of the Democratic Revolution (DR), Blumel said that “it is the example of actions that do not contribute to advancing the recovery of public order and social peace.” He also assured that in the field of DD. HH., “we are making progress in taking care of all these recommendations (international reports), of making reforms to strengthen and modernize.” 
The interior owner also responded to the criticism he raised against the RN senator, Andrés Allamand, and said that “”I am the Minister of Interior and Public Security. Therefore I have direct, political, public order, security and that is my duty, that is the responsibility entrusted to me by the President of the Republic and that is the task we have been doing for four months.”

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