translated from Spanish: DIII6 warns of unemployment for Wednesday at SEE Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- Due to the lack of response from the educational authorities to their demands, the Delegation Alteation Executive Committee of the DIII6 of the SNTE, headed by Juan Manuel Macedo Negrete warned of a work stop page for tomorrow Wednesday, March 4.
The leader reported this after holding an assembly with his workers where he explained that the authorities are not meeting the demands raised, specifically with Undersecretary of Basic Education Enrique Estrada, that “according to him he came to put order, without however, this official does not even come forward to work in this Secretariat, taking care from another direction by hiding.”
Therefore, the workers were called all the members to concentrate on headquarters, without providing attention or carrying out any paperwork or work, with the warning to continue thereafter with more stoppages of 48 hours and after 72 hours, until 72 hours, until 72 hours, until 72 hours, until indefinite unemployment of work, in case of not receiving attention from the authority.
Macedo Negrete sent that “due to his lack of commitment, character and having no idea of the operability of this Secretariat, we place on Mr. Enrique Estrada that he cordially withdraws from this Secretariat and the entity itself, as he could not, nor has the capacity for the chair.”
It also disqualified the “alleged federalization” envisaged for the state magisterial payroll, which was only left “it is nothing more than an agreement with an expiration date until 2024”, of which it claims to be aware of since D-III-6 has the document signed by the state authority “where workers are cynically mocked again.”
It is worth mentioning that the death of the leader’s father was announced today morning, so Macedo Negrete is in mourning, which at the moment has not changed the protest action announced.

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