translated from Spanish: Monkey is forced to lift weights for tourists in Thailand

Bangkok.- A video posted on social networks seeks to raise awareness to end animal abuse, it shows a monkey that is forced to lift weights and perform tricks for tourists visiting Thailand.These images were released pa 27 February by the organization PETA Asia, who call on the population to stop paying and promote such shows that violate the integrity of animals.

“Ning Nong is treated like a toy to make money: forced to perform meaningless tricks for tourists and then left isolated in a wire cage when not used.
This will only end when YOU STOP supporting animal-using experiences!” emphasized PETA.

The monkey appears to be trained to simulate some exercises performed by people to stay in shape, such as: push-ups, lifting weights, lizards, hitting a ball, driving a tricycle and even nothing at the request of a man who keeps it tied.

The organization claims that sometimes monkeys are separated from their mothers shortly after birth and remove their teeth so they can be trained without being able to defend themselves. That’s why Jason Baker, PETA’s senior vice president of international campaigns, asks travel companies and tourists to stop promoting or visiting animal shows in the same way.

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