translated from Spanish: The government confirmed that soybean withholdings increase to 33%

Agriculture Minister Luis Basterra met with the Liaison Board to announce that the increase in withholdings to soybeans is maintained, from 30% to 33%. However, in the meeting with producer representatives, the government confirmed that there will be a segmentation for producers from one thousand tonnes of production. 

The presidents of the Argentine Rural Society, Daniel Pelegrina; Coninagro, Carlos Iannizzotto; Argentine Agrarian Federation, Carlos Achetoni; and Argentina’s Rural Confederations, Jorge Chemes, agreed that it was a “good meeting”, but that they did not agree with the result. Leaders will consult with their bases and could implement force measures in the face of the new measures. However, other products produced positive results, such as meat, whose tariffs will not rise to 12% as proposed by the Government last week, and will remain at 9%.

Liaison Table

According to the explanation given by the national government, 33% will be paid by only 26% of producers, while producers producing up to 500 tonnes will end up paying less than 30%.

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