translated from Spanish: Women prepare for threats of ‘acid attacks’ for 8M

CDMX.- More than 20 thousand women of many years will march on March 8 and 9 in Mexico City, called ‘Paro Nacional de Mujeres’ or ‘International Feminist Strike 8M’ with the aim of eradicating any type of gender-based violence.
In an interview with journalist Adela Micha, the member of the collective Amor es not violence, Nelly Ornel reported that since the proposal began he began to receive dozens of threats.
He said that’s why they already take precautions, like wearing clothes that cover absolutely the whole body.
She stressed that the 8M march will not only be made up of feminists considered radical, but that there will also be mothers of victims and women marching with their sons and daughters, so they hope that there will be no attack on this march.
He said the protesters are asked to attend more covered than normal, this as a kind of survival measures, as even some participants paint a permanent down on their arm.

It is regrettable that we have to take such measures; going hooded or with lenses is not only to cover the identity, many women use it as an extra measure of safety, he pointed out.

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