translated from Spanish: Ximena Rincón asks the Government seriousness after first confirmed case of coronavirus: “They must review the protocols”

The senator for the Maule region, Ximena Rincón, referred to the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Chile, which is located in San Javier, a city she represents.
He said that “we are concerned that the Maule is tremendously affected by drought and fires and adding the coronavirus to it is not good news. I suppose the government will warn of the measures taken with the population of San Javier, so we have to see what happens with his wife and the patients he has taken (…). We have to be much more rigorous, if the coronavirus has already arrived in the country and if we already have an official case reported in regions.”
Regarding the protocols, Rincón mentioned the prevention operations applied in the country: “I think so, I say it from stories made to me by people known about the subject, if you have the capacity to say that you are exposed or not to the virus and regi strarlo on the form you have to fill out, it’s something you won’t necessarily know. The government must review the protocols because the worst thing that can happen is that psychosis is spread without having the right measures to determine the presence or not of the virus.”
“You start watching the videos, the public starts taking backup measures, I think you have to be cautious, we are faced with a situation that is not easy, none can transform this into an exploitation because it is at risk the lives of the population ” the main thing is the common good,” Rincon replied.

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