translated from Spanish: Supreme Court forces Mineduc to fund student career at Concepción

The Supreme Court ordered the Ministry of Education to finance, through the free of charge, the entire cost of the Geophysics career to a student at the University of Concepción.
The student filed an appeal for protection, after the unlawful and arbitrary action of the educational authority was established in restricting career funding. This appeal was upheld by the highest court.
The Supreme Court’s ruling states that the young woman was eligible for free and was received during 2019.
However, the ruling adds that «if it is not demonstrated that this person’s circumstances have varied in such a way as to prevent such recognition from being maintained. If that were not to be considered, the appellant would be in breach of her right to higher education, having registered in compliance with the legal requirements for access to free of charge without being able to access it in the remaining years of training».
Because of this, the university took away the benefit, which was classified as «illegal and arbitrary», as it «not only disregarded the law» but also «contradeled its previous determination, by which it had acknowledged that the appellant satisfies all the demands.»

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