translated from Spanish: Araceli Gonzalez uploaded the photo that predicted her romance with a stick to Suar

Araceli González is in the midst of a judicial dispute with his former partner, Adrián Suar for the division of goods, from which he also requires 5% of the shares of the production company Pol-ka. 

However, 18 years later, the situation was different. The actress was married to the producer (with whom she has a son, Tomás Kirzner) and also being one of the protagonists of the telenovela «Mil Millions».

Fabian Mazzei and Araceli Gonzalez Photo: Instagram @araceligonzalez67

In the last few hours, Araceli shared through his social networks a photo of that fiction (2002) in which she is about to give herself a kiss with the character of Fabián Mazzei, actor with whom she is currently married.» Look how close we were in this scene! ‘A thousand millions’, and I never thought you’d be the love of my life years later. The man who keeps hugging me,» she wrote on her official Instagram account, with an indirect stick for the producer.

Retro photo with indirect to Suar Photo: Instagram @araceligonzalez67

The postcard gathered more than twenty thousand likes and comments from dozens of users who celebrated their romance: «Everything comes in due course… congratulations Ara and Fabi», «From there they looked beautiful together», «What luck reality surpasses fiction», among others. In this note:
Araceli Gonzalez
Fabian Mazzei
Adrián Suar

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