translated from Spanish: Fran García Huidobro generated controversy after revealing that Daniella Chávez «threatened to give up» «Dancing for a Dream»

«My beautiful followers. I feel a little sad, I feel like killing yourself in the #bailandoporunsueño isn’t worth it. There is a jury that only votes for friendships, because it has the same profession (actors) for pity, for nationality (Argentines). Unfair what’s going on! I don’t want to –.» This was the Twitter message, with which Daniella Chavez demonstrated her annoyance with the jury of «Dancing for a Dream». The model disagreed with the rating she earned in space. After this, the same driver of the program, Martín Cárcamo, consulted the judges during the program about this annoyance, which would also be added to that of other participants. It was Francisca García Huidobro who took the floor and revealed that such was Daniella Chávez’s discomfort that she would have demonstrated her intention to leave space. «For many years they put together controversies with me to go to The First Plane on Fridays. And First Plane no longer exists. It’s over. Me… And I want to say one thing. I’m an actress, but the one who gave him note for being an actor wasn’t me…», he began, adding that even «I’ve evaluated my best friend, on a dance show, with terrible notes when he danced badly.» In the midst of the discussion that also the other members of the jury also intervened, the former Foreground threw a dart to Cárcamo: «Why does it not count that Daniella Chavez resigned and had to convince her to stay?» Faced with an anointed driver, García Huidobro continued: «Daniella Chávez threatened to resign… Yes, I have informants everywhere,» he said. In this way, the situation involved in the producer stowed, ensuring that while there is a confidentiality agreement, «several terms were raised. There’s an upset with the jury, but we’re in talks about it.»

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