translated from Spanish: Palacios denied Hasbún and said that former congressman did make arrangements by contractor company

Economy Minister Lucas Palacios, in his statement for the inquest of alleged coimas and influence-trafficking within the MOP, contradicted the version delivered by former UDI DEPUTY Gustavo Hasbún, and indicated that the former parliamentarian did efforts on behalf of the former contractor’s company, Bruno Fulgeri, La Tercera reported.
According to the publication, the secretary of state in his testimony, said that he did meet with Fulgeri, at an appointment scheduled by lobby law, in which the businessman explained that his firm was being suspended from the CONTRACTor’s register. He further said that he received subsequent messages from Fulgeri requesting collaboration with the issue, to which he replied that «it did not correspond, because my role is to have the processes fulfilled.»
About Hasbún, Palacios, who served as undersecretary of OO.PP., said he sent messages by Whatsapp asking for an appeal associated with the lifting of the suspension of the company SYGC «which I later repaired that it was the same company of Fulgeri.» The former MP, the minister said, told him that he had bought 50% of the company.
Palacios also said that in a conversation with Hasbún, he told her that there had been a meeting with the company, in which he had been asked for some papers, and that the former parliamentarian asked him to know what the information was required, to ask to be sent Correct.
The Economy Minister also ruled out payments or transfers of money from Hasbún or Fulgeri and, about his relationship with the former parliamentarian, said that «I know him for being a former IUD deputy, party to which I belong. I never had a direct relationship with him.»

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