translated from Spanish: Video: Ophelia Fernández first stepped in as a legislator

During this Thursday’s regular session in Congress, Ofelia Fernández gave her first speech as a legislature in the porteña. He showed it on his social media, where he shared the video of that moment. With the green handkerchief on the microphone, she began quoting a text she wrote herself before the first march of “Not one less,” back in 2015, in which she claimed against gender inequality and femicide semblars that women had to face.” A few days ago they strangled and burned Micaela on a grill, you know what could have helped? Do you know that it did not help, rather, in the four years that followed that text? the undue impoverishment of our people which is, of course, above all, a chatty to women who in Argentina charge 25% less for the same work,” he reflected.  

The lawmaker referred to policy cuts to combat gender-based violence, the closure of shelters and more. “The debt is with us. Feminism must be established as an indisputable trace of every public policy, rights must be broadened and restored,” he said. Then he said: “We have come to this conclusion a while ago, and it can’t take so long for politics to reach us, because we’re going along the way. March carries more femicides than days, we fight with our hearts in our hand, and we will never bend down; reality, sooner or later, is going to be like we dreamed it. But let’s be responsible, legislators and legislators, and let’s make it early.”

“On Monday there is a worldwide stoppage, I hope to see you all in the square, it seems to me that it is time to conquer our rights. So there we will be, for those who killed, for which the treatment was taken, because of the bursts, and for which they are organized, thank you very much”, he concluded, referring to the mobilizations planned for 9 March. Let us remember that, at the end of February, the Observatory of Gender Violence “Now that if they see us” reported that at least 29 femicides were recorded in that month and 63 so far in 2020. Look at the report here. In this note:

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