translated from Spanish: What are the best women’s towels? Profeco analyses 10 brands

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) carried out an analysis of brands of women’s towels, most obtained good, very good and excellent ratings.
In a statement, the agency said it analyzed 10 models for intense or prolonged flow; 21 for abundant and 20 for moderate-regular; in its different presentations: night, normal, regular, classic, ultra thin and ultra thin.
The towels evaluated in Profeco’s laboratory correspond to the brands: Alei, Always, Aurrera, Envisage!, Eres, Fiore, Intimate, Kotex, Naturella, Saba, Selena, Soriana and Stela.
The products were tested to determine their quality (performance), as well as consumer information, finishes, weight (mass), absorption capacity and speed, moisture return, pH, adhesion, characteristics and finishes.
Towels (Regular Moderate Flow) were rated as follows:
Intima: Excellent
Selena: Excellent
Stela: Excellent
Evisage!: Very good
Alei: Very Good
Always: Very Good
Aurrera: Very Good
You’re: All right
All samples analyzed have complete the required information. The models analyzed rated as excellent because they were free of defects.
Except for the ultra-thin Kotex model with moderate-regular flow wings, which featured irregular channels and rated as very good as it does not significantly impact its overall performance.
The thinnest are Always soft ultra-thin day with wings, Always dry ultra-thin day with wings, both for moderate-regular flow, Always soft ultra-thin extra-karga night and Always dry ultra-thin extra long night, both for super abundant flow. The thickest is Always soft extra long night.
The study, the results of which are published in issue 517 of the Consumer Review, march, was conducted from August 16 to November 13, 2019 and covered 1,310 tests, taking as reference the methodologies and requirements that the normativeity marks.
Because women’s sanitary towels contain naturally occurring materials and synthetic absorbent materials that take much longer to degrade, Profeco suggests optimal use, so as not to waste the product due to misuse or damage to its storage.
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