translated from Spanish: “Les Payases”: the return of an inclusive work aimed at children

On Sunday, March 22 from 16 hours at the Teatro Mandril (Humberto 1st 2758), comes a play that will touch your heart: “Les Payases”, a show to the cap intended for childhoods, a love letter that values living as a game.

“A work in Deconstruction” is the motto that accompanies the show, which, as you may notice, uses the inclusive language, which sustains throughout the staging, so that we all understand the importance of its use.” Les Payases” is born in the face of the need to create a space where childhoods learn from the game other ways of seeing, living and feeling the world. Directed by Bárbara Goldschtein Casariego, the work develops the adventures of six clowns.

“Les Payases” Photo: Press Gentiles

They will reflect from the daily life of human beings, on a journey that will make them explore fear, violence, shame and love, some of the emotions with which they will encounter along the way. Agostina Concilio, Lautaro Noriega, Lara Poloni, Lua Pons, Malena Rodriguez Sordi, Milagros Zabaleta star in this work that features the composition and musical production by Emilio Citro and Leandro Juárez; and Alejandra’s costume Robotti.Se will be presented on Sundays at 16:00 hours and tickets can be booked through Teatral Alternative.In this note:

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